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Help the Zoo Animals escape the flamingos, monkeys and elephants! During your run, collect gems to earn points and the more gems you collect in a row, the more points you receive.

Zoo Run features 4 animals - the ever loving panda, the courageous lion, the quick-witted zebra and the swift cheetah. Zoo Run also features two game modes - Zoo Mode and Halloween Mode.

Playing Zoo Run is simple, just tilt your device to move your animal left or right to collect gems and stars to get the highest score possible before losing both hearts. As you run through the environment, be careful to not hit enemies or obstacles. Tap the screen at any time to pause the game. The pause screen will also show any items that you have unlocked.

Reasons to Play
* Compete for the highest score to prove something to yourself.
* Play to unlock all of the in-game items, and THEN compete to satisfy your ego.
* Halloween Mode! Gear up for Halloween with Zoo Run!
* Who doesn't want to play with a panda?

Here's a little more about Zoo Run and what you may encounter during your run.

Gems - Collect these to increase your score. The more gems you collect in a row, the more points you get.

Stars - Stars (or pumpkins in Halloween mode) give you points, but don't give any bonus points for collecting them sequentially (combos). Instead, stars are worth more the longer you've been in a round.

Hearts - You start the game with two hearts and if you lose both, it's game over. During your run, you can grab a heart to recover a lost heart.

Items - Items are unlocked when you reach specific score thresholds (10k, 20k, 50k, 70k). When you pick them up during a game, they provide a score bonus as well as an effect that will help you last longer in the round. Items unlocked in easy mode do not show up in medium or hard mode.

Checkpoints - Last long enough and you'll cross a checkpoint. You'll earn 3,000 points every time you cross a checkpoint, and even more starting on your fifth checkpoint in a single round. Your animal will run faster every time you cross a checkpoint (making the game harder) so earn as many points as you can before reaching them!

Things to Avoid - Avoid all of the following enemies and obstacles (as well as equivalent themed objects):

Flamingo & Monkey - These enemies move towards you and will cost a heart if you they manage to touch you. These little guys will be the source of most of your Zoo Run frustration.

Bombs - If you touch a bomb, whether it was intentional or on accident, you lose both of your hearts and the game is over. The only exception is if you pick up the Invincibility or Destroy On Contact items and their effects are still active. In easy mode, you lose only one heart.

Sand Pits - Running over these will cost you a heart. Note that when you pick up the Destroy On Contact item, this is the only obstacle that can still deal you damage.

Big Elephant - Don't let their big, cuddly looks fool you. Running into these guys will not only cost you a heart, but some hard-earned points as well.
2 Aplicaciones
9.88 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1 o posterior

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