Its a Simple and Fast way to Express and Engage with your connections and consumers inside your videos

Record / Upload your videos, Tag inside your video and Share it in a fun and exciting way and Engage.

Some tips on what you can use Wootag for :

Want to increase your connections in the 1Bio+ socially connected world,
1.Create your video moment, self tag yourself or tag your special one from FB, Tw or G+ and share the video.
2.Viewers now have the chance to not just view your moment and can also tap and get connected inside the video.

Want to sell your stuff amongst your existing social connection,
1.Capture in 30s what you want to sell and tag it inside the video.
2.Now your connections will not just like or reach out to you offline, it allows them to tap inside your video and can reach out to chat and potentially buy

Want to ask a question in form of a video,
1.Here you go, capture anything and type what you to want to ask in 40 char inside your video and self tag yourself and share.
2.Now your viewers while watching can answer your question.

Ever wondered when you captured a place or moment and you want to plug reviews or wikipedia about places or photos of the place / event or maps inside your videos?
1.Capture the moment, Tag a link about the place with sites, trip advisor reviews, maps, foursquare locations, tumblr posts, blogs , pictures from picassa, Instagram and share it.
2.Now you can let your viewers tap the link and able to interact with all the information you want your viewers to know about the video.
3.By the way, if your site has ads in it and you could make some quick bucks by letting your viewers access the site through videos.

Record your favorite 30s moment
Enhance your videos with free filters
You can tag –
Yourself showcasing your talents,
Your special person
Your Products to sell it amongst your social circle, and
Your favorite Places
Upload and instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Unlimited uploads
Interact with videos by tapping on people, place, product tag icons inside the videos.
Full iphone4 front and back camera support.
Follow what your connections post and everytime you visit you will see new video interactive posts.
Form your own private group and share interactive videos only to your private connections, which no one else can see.
And much more….
14.76 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
5.0 o posterior

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