Winly brings Entrepreneurs and Business owners an easy way to manage, track and communicate strategy.
You were born to be an entrepreneur. A leading athlete in the high-stakes game of business. You have already proven that you have heart. Now is the time to show the world that you are a winner. Winners are focused. Winners are disciplined. Winners are strategists. Winners execute.

Winly is the ultimate strategy app for entrepreneurs and business owners. Winly was created to: 1. Focus entrepreneurs and business owners on growth; 2. Motivate entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve goals; 3. Unlock the inner strategist in every entrepreneur and business owner and 4. Inspire entrepreneurs and business owners to be the best they can be.

Winly was created by Synergy Business Development, experts in strategy, business development, Mergers & Acquisitions and international expansion. Winly combines the value of assessing the current state of your business with planning for future growth and development.
We know that great moments are born from great opportunity. Find out how winning moments will happen with your Winly experience.

Key Features:

Current Business Profile: Winly makes it easy to update business changes and new developments. Upload pictures to visualize your progress. Ability to share your business profile via PDF.

Inside Game: Keep track of key data managed by your company's insiders for business categories Innovation, Finance, Team and Partnerships.

Outside Game: Keep track of key data you gather from external sources for business categories Customers, Competition, Community and Market Data.

Set Your Strategy: The unique Winly methodology will guide you through your growth strategies in a structured and logical manner. Each of the business driving Playbooks reveals best practices through All-Star Moves, connects your strategy to your Inside Game and Outside Game and provides a framework to keep track of your progress.

Execute Your Strategy: Access 12 easy to create Playbooks that increase opportunities through relationship building, customer acquisition, innovation, market expansion and community engagement. Playbook examples include:

Brand Playbook: Grow by being unique and memorable. Grow by creating a signature that is visually, psychologically and emotionally impactful.

New Market Playbook: Grow by expanding into a new region. Grow by reaching a new customer segment. Take the leap from being a local solution to a national and global one.

Partnership Playbook: Grow by strategic deal making. Grow by leveraging the value created by other market players. Grow through collaboration.

And 9 others, including:

Advisory Board Playbook
Co-Marketing Playbook
Government Playbook
Innovation Playbook
Investor Playbook
Philanthropy Playbook
PR Playbook
Signature Event Playbook
Top 10 Customer Playbook

Other Features:

Make strategy decisions on the go

Ability to share your completed strategies via PDF

Easily track your strategy to see where you are

Manage your strategy from anywhere

Free vs Paid Version:

The free version gives you complete access to your business profile and up to 1 free play on the Playbook of your choice. The paid version gives you the ability to download all 12 Playbooks and export to PDF function at anytime and for as many times as you want.

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