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★★★★★ Runs on all your devices: iPod, iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad Mini
★★★★★ Same great price!

Want to enhance your photos with weather effects and also showcase your creativity? Weather Photo Effects is the app you've been looking for. With more than 600 realistic images included, you will create loads of photo treasures. Design and create your own memories with this iPhone and iPad Weather digital overlay and sticker app using the following features below:

* Over 600 digital overlays included
* Add multiple photos to your project
* Apply many different types of weather effects to your photos
* Works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
* Resize, rotate, and position weather images anywhere on your photos
* Resize, rotate, and position your photos
* Illustrated and photo realistic weather images included
* Fast and easy weather image palette
* Undo and redo
* Save your photo creation to your photo library
* Saves multiple sessions so you can work on your projects at your own pace
* Share with your network of friends

The vast assortment of artwork includes categories such as: lens flare, clouds, lightning, rain, water, sun, stars and more. Scroll through the choices, grab the image you like and insert it right into your photo! With very flexible manipulation, you'll be creating beautiful photographic memories in no time at all!
8 Aplicaciones
24.53 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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