Visib is a new social network for consumers, brands and companies.

On Visib you can reach your audience by posting photos and videos.

Research has shown that video is much more engaging than text-based content.

How does Visib work?

Create your profile and you will be ready to publish your posts.

First you need to choose which sort of action you want to post: Offering, Seeking or Socializing

Then choose the type of media: Video or photo

You can upload up to 5 pictures per post, or one video up to 5 miuntes in length.

Visib provides numerous resources to help our Users reach their audience, such as:

Quickly & easily sharing your content in blogs, websites or social networks;
Embedding links in your videos or photos that will take your audience to your choosen website;
Giving users the option to limit the time period their content is displayed;
Identifying the geo-location of your posts, allowing your local audience to better connect with your message.
Accessing content through our simple, intuitive search tool, by keyword, category, type of action or geo-location.

What’s more, at Visib you can also

Create a public page- your window display to the world;
Build contacts and followers;
Discover new people, brands or companies to follow;
Join special interest groups to help grow your network;
We also provide video tutorials with tips and tricks on how to:
Write a script, produce videos, and share your posts with the largest possible audience.

Expand your horizons!

Appear to the world – anytime & anywhere!
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10.45 MB
Inglés y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
5.0 o posterior

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