Have you got the speed to deflect the ball when it's moving hundreds of times a second? Have you got the accuracy to catch the fast ball with a tiny paddle? Have you got the reaction to beat the developer's high score of 10 000? Have you got the bravery to try the game on the most difficult setting?

In this game, Virtual Squash, you will have the control of a paddle, moving it left and right while the CPU races you with a ball speeding round the screen. You have to make sure the ball hits the paddle you control, and not the bottom of the screen.

WARNING: Over time the ball speeds up

CHALLENGE: Beat the developer's high score of 10 000

CHALLENGE: Maintain a higher high score than your friend's high score

CHOICE: You choose the speed the ball moves at the start of the game with a difficulty slider, but the slower you make it, the slower your score goes up and whatever speed you start at, it'll still speed up to supersonic speeds!

1. Open the app
2. Have a read through the brief information on screen
3. Choose the ball's initial speed with the difficulty slider (far left is slowest, far right is fastest)
4. Watch the ball dart around the screen and make sure the paddle is between the ball and the bottom of the screen when the ball is about to touch the bottom
5. Compare your high scores with your friends, beat your friends, beat the developer (10000 high score) and try the hardest setting
6. Repeat the process 100s of times

Now with sounds on impact, in-app instructions and credits, and automatic pausing and resuming when the app enters the background or foreground.
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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
6.0 o posterior

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