VIRTOOL is a platform for a quick and efficient transfer of printed publications to the web, iPhone and iPad. It preserves the original image of printed publications (magazines, catalogues, sales brochures, newspapers, books, annual reports, etc.), while offering numerous other multimedia functionalities. With VIRTOOL, publications gain unlimited possibilities offered by the internet, iPhone and iPad.

With the virtual form of publications, it is possible to increase the circulation of publications and thus significantly increase the circle of readers, without any additional printing and distribution costs.

Advanced VIRTOOL virtual technology enables more intensive immersion of the reader into the content of publications and provides interactivity through the enhanced content. Reading web magazines and other publications is more fun and interesting with VIRTOOL, so readers take more time to browse e-publications (which also means more possibility for them to notice the content, which the publisher wants to draw attention to: advertisements, sales promotions, promotional texts …).

Main benefits of the VIRTOOL

-Interactive content: Content enhanced by video, photo and audio elements offers a new dimension of interactive experience of web content.
-High adaptability - High flexibility and adaptability of VIRTOOL enables creation of content according to your wishes and needs.
-Transportability to media - VIRTOOL content can be stored on a USB key, disc or DVD, intended for off-line use at events, meetings, presentations, etc.
-Easy reading - Reading virtual content offered by VIRTOOL is more fun and interesting, offering more interactive content as well as all the options of an internet medium.
-Advanced statistics - VIRTOOL contains a powerful statistic tool for following users, analyses and report compilation (web only)
-Comprehensive service - We offer comprehensive expert assistance, from gathering your wishes and needs to creating the end product to your taste.
-And many more …

Your publications can be an excellent marketing tool that saves printing, distribution costs, increases readership and greatly enhances the reader’s experience.

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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
4.0 o posterior

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