==== THE GAME ====
Some bosses inspire us while some are just insufferable morons! We’ve all come across bosses who are jerks and clearly clueless at what they do. They exasperate us with their incompetence and at times we just want to kick their behind – literally. Trash Your Boss game was created with that in mind.

Trash Your Boss is an entertaining and a tongue-in-cheek game that pokes fun at bosses. The game is designed to be simple and not too challenging. Work is hard enough therefore the game is designed not to be. It is a light-hearted game and works as a great de-stressor.

Imagine that you are the kicker and the person being kicked as your boss. Simply tap the kicker to start kicking and see the boss bounce towards the trash can. Why the trash can? Because he’s clearly full of garbage!!

The fun in playing TYB is to not just complete the tasks in hand but you can also have fun bouncing and trashing the boss around while completing it. Or simply bounce him around for the fun of it! This game is not too challenging and can be completed with simple logic on placement of the planks and trampolines.

The objective of the game is simple. Kick your boss while avoiding the obstacles to send him where he belongs.......in the trash!!! To achieve this, simply drag the planks and trampolines and place them strategically in place. Then tap the employee also known as the kicker and watch him kick the boss as he bounces through the levels while you collect all the coins. If you want to replace the planks and trampolines, simply place it in the small trash can at the bottom left of the screen. It will automatically be replaced into the inventories.

It’s an easy game and not too difficult to complete. Work is hard enough, so the game is designed to be simple, fun and entertaining.

==== KEY FEATURES ====
60 fun levels over 6 humorous scenarios (In Full Version)
Entertaining puzzles
Simple to learn and easy to complete
iPad and iPod cross compatible
Facebook and Twitter community
Game Center Leader boards

Enjoy playing the game!! Time to kick, kick, kick.......
Ideazone Technology Solutions
38.46 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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