******* Book 2 is nearly complete and will feature a new story, puzzles and games as well as all 4 series. Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions.


Meet those loveable rejects the Trash Pack in this animated storybook!

See and hear the grossest gang to ever be seen on an iPod Touch/iPhone or iPad!

Includes an interactive story, downloadable posters, TV Adverts!

Join Tashola, Blow Fly, and all your favourite characters as they star in this spectacular storybook app. The first Trash Pack Book App features stunning illustrations, animation, word-for-word narration, gross sound effects, as well as the best voice talent “we think” in Trash Pack Alley!

Its another hot sticky day in Trash Pack Alley. Sour Snail, Rotten Apple and the rest of The Trash Pack are going about their usual sloppy business until Trashola reminds them all its Street Sweeper Day! Things get crazy as all the Trashies get to work to save themselves from the Street Sweeper. Will they survive?

Once you’ve enjoyed the story, try reading it yourself or go to the ‘My Trashies’ area where you can keep track of your Trashies by checking the box next to the ones you own!

App Features:

Multiple reading modes—Read to Me, Read it Myself.

10 colourful Posters to use as wallpapers on your iPad

Word-for-word narration, sound effects, and original music

Tap characters to hear them say gross things and even grosser sounds.

Pinch or double tap to zoom in on iPhone or iPod Touch.

A truly interactive and giggle-inducing experience!
96.21 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
5.0 o posterior

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