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The fusion of fantasy role-playing with the dynamic action of arcade gaming will compel you to live the adventure that is Tower of Souls.

Prophesy foretells that you, Treeac, are the last and only hope for the people of Chaybore.The evil demon Baalhathrok has stolen the mythical Nydus C rystals and with them has opened a portal within his own dimension, linking the Spirit Reaper Tower to the land of Chaybore. Helpless to resist, great engines within the Tower suck the very life-force from the peaceful inhabitants of the land, gaining him power within both dimensions. Your quest is to enter the Tower of Souls, shut down the pumps and retrieve the Nydus C rystals, restoring the essence of Chaybore and allowing your fellow citizens to return to their harmonious ways.

Can you collect the seven Nydus C rystals and gain entry to the lair of Baalhathrok in the depths of the tower? Turn off the fountains & pumps to reduce Baalhathrok power.Will you then be able to slay the evil demon and end his reign of terror?

Tower of Souls features:
~ An innovative control system that combines spell casting, combat and object manipulation.
~ 32 spells within 4 mystical categories; 5 strengths and 3 different ways to cast spells.
~ Numerous different swords and items of equipment to utilize.
~ 4 different types of amour ranging from basic leather to titanium plate.
~ The Fortress of Izlar has 7 levels.
~ Many hidden rooms to explore, puzzles to solve and skills to develop.
~ A massive 125 map areas, in isometric projection.
~ Bi-lingual: English or Deutsch.

Tower of Souls has the lastability and playability to be returned to again and again, NEVER being the same game twice.Can you fulfill the prophecy?

Player`s guide available in game.

Tower of Souls is developed & published by Parys Technografx Ltd
3 Aplicaciones
4.4 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
2.2.1 o posterior

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