Listen to what critics and users are saying about【Think Too Much 1】:

“This app is like no other and is full of surprise, wonder and thought provoking text. … The illustrations, creativity and animations are stunning!… I would HIGHLY recommend this wonderful family friendly app, we have thoroughly enjoyed it!”- APPreciation

“This app is a interesting experience! My kids loved the interactions on each page and looked forward to the mystery of what would be next. … I love the illustrations and as an adult I loved the messages from the poems!” - Mandi B., APPreciation

”… I do recommend it and I think this app has great value to all ages 3 on up. … I think the text has a inner reflective more for older children 10+ and I think they will love the illustrations as will. My son has gone back to this app many times.“ - Eileen L., APPreciation

“… the design team added many little secrets into the artwork making the reading experience full of surprises! Fantastic!” - Steven_yeh, The App Store

“A very cute interactive ebook that sooth your mind. Be ready to discover lots and lots of little surprises.” - 水星人♥, The App Store

❤❤❤ Mr. Eyeball’s 【Think Too Much 1】Interactive Literature ❤❤❤

★ Explore

The basic concept of【Think Too Much 1】Interactive Literature originated from the pop-up books we all enjoyed and loved as a kid. These pop-up books often have some simple but fun secrets in them. Perhaps pulling a paper slab would make the angel fly from one side to another, or maybe by opening the castle window the reader would reviled the beautiful princess. The fun part about reading these pop-up books is that you never know what would happen until you actually pulled the paper slab. The exploring element is something we’d like to keep and that’s why there are many different and surprising interactions concealing in each pages, waiting for the reader to discover them.

★ Interact

The interaction elements in every pages of【Think Too Much 1】Interactive Literature are entirely different from another. Sometimes the reader has to drag objects in the artwork, other times furiously shaking the iPad/iPhone is required, and still some pages are complete mini-games. All the interactions are tailored to fit the original artwork in a fun and meaningful way that provides new reading experience while discovering secrets in the book.

★ Read

Mr. Eyeball’s writing are often described as full of healing power. Sometimes his words are melancholy but other times they are full with hope, the only thing that stays true is Mr. Eyeball’s untraditional point of view.【Think Too Much 1】Interactive Literature contains many unpublished works from Mr. Eyeball, supporting English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

★ Features

☑ Fully remastered interactive literature.
☑ Highly interactive with elements like animation, music, and games.
☑ Explore, Interact, Read. Experience the new reading experience.
☑ Universal app supports iPhone and iPad
☑ Supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5
☑ Supports English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.
☑ Contains more than twenty fully interactive artworks. New artworks will be available as free download in the future.


❤❤❤ Mr. Eyeball, Artist with No Boundary ❤❤❤

Mr. Eyeball started his career as a theatre costume designer and fashion designer. After starting up his own fashion brand in 2002, Mr. Eyeball started to use an “eyeball” as his persona and has been extremely active in many different fields ever since. Mr. Eyeball is the only artist in Taiwan who is actively involved in a multitude of different fields such as theatre director, scriptwriter, actor, fashion designer, writer, painter, signer, celebrity stylist, and art designer.
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41.16 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
5.0 o posterior

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