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"The Office" ended its 5th season with the series’ 100th episode, which seemed to fly by. During a volleyball game at the company picnic, Pam (Jenna Fischer), Scranton’s volleyball MVP, is injured and is taken to the hospital by her fiancé, Jim (John Krasinski) only to find out some very exciting news (Could she really be pregnant?). Michael (Steve Carell) uses his time at the picnic to cozy up to his old flame, Holly (Amy Ryan), making it clear, if not to her, then to us, that he will always love her. There might even still be something in the works between Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Angela (Angela Kinsey)!

Season 6 of "The Office" premiere picks up a few months after the Season 5 finale. Is Pam really pregnant? What will they name the baby? When will she and Jim finally get married? Will Michael ever win Holly’s love? Does Andy (Ed Helms) even have a shot with the new receptionist and series regular, Erin (Ellie Kemper)? What new jeopardy lies in wait for Dunder Mifflin? Find out in what is to be a very exciting 6th season!

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