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Updated Features

* Absences, tardies, and early dismissals are summed up for each day in the Attendance List
* Tap on a student's phone number to bring up a new call
* Tap on a student's e-mail address to bring up a new e-mail editing window.

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This app was developed with the K-12 teacher in mind. We have provided a helpful way to keep track of multiple classes, students, grades, attendances, assignments and lessons. No more need to carry around a grade book or try to remember every single student at the beginning of the year. This tool can help you keep track of everything.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at benjamin.parrish@verizon.net.

To get a lot more information on how to use this application, please check out our User Manual on our support page.

What is available in Teacher SmartBook

Keep track of...

> Classes
* The class start and end time
* How many students are in the class
* The classroom number
* Textbook used in the class

> Students
* Name
* Contact information
* Individual grades
* Individual attendances
* A picture to help you remember who is who

> Attendance
* Daily attendance tracker
* Color coded for quick views

> Grades
* Linked to a specific assignment
* Keep track of when each student turned in their homework
* Automatically calculate the final grade

> Assignments
* Keep track of each assignment's due date
* Sorted list by due date so you can see what's due next
* Take notes associated with the assignment
* Associate an assignment to a lesson

> Standards & Competencies
* Keep track of each lesson's state standards & competencies requirements that the lesson meets

> Lessons
* Keep track of notes for each lesson
* Identify objectives for each lesson

> Units
* Keep track of units for each class

Please keep the comments coming. The only way we can make this app better is to hear what you have to say about it, otherwise we think you are enjoying every aspect of it. We love constructive criticism and are open to hearing your ideas and thoughts. Once again we can be contacted at benjamin.parrish@verizon.net.
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