Heavy is the head that wears the crown—and heavier still the hand that pushes the red button. Welcome to SuperPower HD, where the world itself is up for grabs, and your ability to shock, awe, and strategize will make all the difference as you attempt to dominate the globe.

SuperPower HD is a realtime MMO that revolves around one idea: might makes right in this struggle for supremacy. Manage cashflow, stockpile uranium, run missions to level your war-winning prowess, and form alliances with other like-minded powers as you seek to annihilate your enemies.

SuperPower HD is addictively playable with objectives that go far beyond lateral progression. Choose to outstrip your opponents via sheer force, by building air, ground, infantry, and sea forces that can’t be overcome. Run your war on your wallet, by orchestrating an empire of wealth to fuel your victories. Bathe in blood to attain superpower dominance by tearing down your enemies one by one every chance you get. Along the way, stockpile uranium to keep your opponents in line…

**Defend your resources and co-opt your enemys’ by deploying a wide range of units by ground, air, and sea—more become unlocked as you progress in level

**Complete mission quests to perfect your performance by leveling and gaining access to more buildings, units, and battles

**Keep your empire growing with buildings that support population growth, money-flow, uranium production, and defense

**Join forces with your friends in this real-time world-domination MMO, to combine your most powerful units against your enemies
18 Aplicaciones
27.82 MB
Español, Inglés, Alemán y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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