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Le Bar Guide is primarily for the US, UK, Argentina and Canada.
We have just a few of our favourites in the other countries and will be building to full coverage through-out 2010!

Le Bar Guide is a pioneering new app from Stella Artois enabling you to select and navigate to the best bars. Fusing a real-world view of your immediate surroundings in augmented reality, with an extensive guide to the best bars around the world, this application is an essential aide to discovering a perfect bar near you.

Bar reviews and ratings make this app the perfect on-the-go guide for discerning bar goers. Beer connoisseurs around the world can now join Stella Artois’ global quest for perfection in beer experiences, finding and savouring the perfect Stella Artois – poured according to the time honoured pouring ritual and served in the iconic Chalice glass. Those seeking a perfect setting for people watching, a lively dance spot, or just a great place to meet with friends can quickly and easily select a bar according to their preferences - from New York to LA to London.

An integrated taxi number service enables discerning bar goers to quickly and conveniently get home – responsibly.


Utilising augmented reality, the application overlays the profiles of bars surrounding your current location onto the video of the iPhone 3GS. All of the bars locations are merged with your current surroundings – enabling you to see each destination relative to the real world in front of you.

• The app opens in normal 2D view – enabling you to view relevant nearby bars as 2D listings
• Holding the phone horizontally transforms your view to an augmented reality perspective – enabling you to experience a real time view of the bars’ locations through the iPhone’s camera
• Bars can be selected by location – or by review ratings across a range of fields – enabling to select your perfect setting, and find bars that serve Stella Artois perfectly
• Once the desired destination has been selected, the app overlays your real time view with directions that enable you to navigate to your bar of choice quickly and easily


In addition to finding and selecting bars, Le Bar Guide app enables you to review other beer connoisseurs’ opinions of their favourite bars, as well as allowing you to post your own comment. An integrated taxi function enables you to find a chariot to take you home responsibly at the click of a button.
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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1 o posterior

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