Why don't you play the game with your friend?
This is the exciting man-to-man game to play with your friend!
The Star Battle is started!

Gathering twinkle stars that have the same color will make the stars burst with great sound!

Still play the game alone?
From now, try to play a match with your friend!
This is the brand new block puzzle game that will get rid of your stress.
Challenge your family, friend, and more players in the world.

Did you feel the game is difficult to play?
This game is pretty easy to get used to play it.
Just remember touch the cross point around the star, then it it would be rotated.
You just make it 4 more to remove them!
Do it successively with the same color blocks that the flower on the top left shows.
Then lots of items will be rained with taking fire on the screen for seconds, and it's chance to make point a lot more!!

Let's make a record and contend for the lead with friends and players in the world!!

Make 4 more twinkle stars with same color togather to burst it and it scores with great sounds.

Multi play
#Invite your friend#, #Play a match# with the player# are option for searching the opponent.
Managing the playing record with the opponent.

item functions
- diminishing the opponent's energy
- reflecting the opponent's attack
- Letting some of opponent's control be disable
- Removing obstacles from opponet

Single Play
- Challeng to make a record for 100 seconds
- Getting coin bonus after playing the game (Buy items with coins! coins are avilable for multi play,too)
This is awsome and pretty easy!
Make best record and be ranked No.1!

To play multi-play,
1. log in to 'Game center'
2. Click 'Multi"
3. Click 'find player'
4. Choose the option to play with (If you choose 자동연결, ...)
5. Invite your friend.(the message for inviting will be
2 Aplicaciones
18.16 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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