Under a nearby oak tree, embark upon the rigorous task of collecting and storing acorns before winter arrives. Your opponents are trying to take them all before you do. Whirlwinds, Ambushes, Quarrels, and Hoards are all just part of the fun! Get the coveted Golden Acorn, but watch out for the dreaded Rotten Acorn. The more acorns you store, the better chance you have of surviving the winter!

Play the App Store adaptation of the original card game that is sweeping the nation! This single-player game pits you against 3 computer players all trying to store more acorns than you. Tap and swipe your way to storing the most acorns!

All of your favorite action cards are here:
Ambush - Steal a card from each player!
Hoard - Tap the screen at the right time to win the Hoard!
Quarrel - Battle for each other’s acorns; Highest card wins!
Whirlwind - All cards in players' hands are gathered up, shuffled, and re-dealt. (AKA the socialism card)

"S'Quarrels® is a fun and very simple card game. It is easy to understand and easy to teach to new players. I really like the randomness of the end of the round...after all, you never really know when Winter is going to hit. The theme is fun [...] overall, it is a great game for the whole family! I give S'Quarrels® an 8 out of 10." - Howling Fun Games

"We know it’s a good game if everyone is asking to play again as soon as a game is finished. And with S’Quarrels® we get that reaction." - The Board Game Family

Visit the official S'Quarrels® website for more information: http://www.squarrels.com
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6.95 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1.3 o posterior

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