In April 1982, Sir Clive Sinclair launched what was to become one of the most popular home computers ever made - the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Spectaculator takes you back to the 1980s - to the golden era of 8-bit gaming!

This is the free version of Spectaculator which includes games written by members of the worldwide ZX Spectrum community during the past couple of years:

    - Alter Ego
    - Banger Management
    - Bipboi
    - Catch the Cash
    - Cray-5
    - Crimbo
    - Dingo
    - Egghead in Space
    - Flynn's Adventure in Bombland
    - Genesis: Dawn of a New Day
    - Ghost Castle
    - Ghost Castle 2
    - Gloop Troops
    - Gloop Troops - The Lost Crown
    - Homebrew
    - Kyd Cadet
    - Kyd Cadet II
    - Stamp Quest
    - Tiles
    - Trooper: Point 5
    - Wunderchar$

...and... an iPhone/iPad exclusive!!
    - Gloop Troops - The Lost Crown by Little Shop of Pixels

Spectaculator gives you the most authentic ZX Spectrum experience available on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, and comes with lots of additional features:

• Universal App - runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
• Supports iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th generation screen.
• Play in portrait or landscape orientations
• Save your game progress (four saved game slots per game)
• Enter pokes (cheats) for infinite lives, shields etc.
• Lookup game hints, tips and maps
• Play in black and white with TV screen simulation for the ultimate 1980s experience!
• Type on a virtual ZX Spectrum keyboard
• Choose authentic cassette loading or fast play
• Program in Sinclair BASIC
• Enjoy high resolution graphics on Retina screens
• Play using an external arcade controller (iCade or iControlPad)


Base Pack (included)
- 3D Starstrike by Realtime Games Software
- Auf Wiedersehen Monty by Gremlin Graphics
- Avenger by Gremlin Graphics
- Bounder by Gremlin Graphics
- Dark Star by Design Design
- Dynamite Dan by Rod Bowkett/Mirrorsoft
- Forbidden Planet by Design Design
- Halls of the Things by Design Design
- Jack The Nipper by Gremlin Graphics
- Krackout by Gremlin Graphics
- Jekyll & Hyde by Zenobi Software
- Metabolis by Gremlin Graphics
- Monty On The Run by Gremlin Graphics
- On The Run by Design Design
- Tau Ceti by Pete Cooke/CRL
- The Way Of The Tiger by Gremlin Graphics
- Albatrossity by Jonathan Cauldwell
- Battery's Not Precluded by Jonathan Cauldwell
- The Fantastic Mister Fruity by Jonathan Cauldwell

The following games packs are available from the in-app shop:

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 1
- Wanted! Monty Mole
- Skate Crazy
- Thing Bounces Back
- Dark Fusion
- Future Knight
- Moley Christmas

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 2
- Jack The Nipper II: In Coconut Capers
- North Star
- Grumpy Gumphrey, Supersleuth
- Alien Evolution
- The Final Matrix
- Impossamole

Gremlin Graphics Vol. 3
- Switchblade
- Trailblazer
- Super Scramble Simulator
- Percy The Potty Pigeon
- Monty Is Innocent
- Super Cars

Design Design Games Pack
- Halls of the Things 2012
- Dark Star 2012
- Forbidden Planet 2012
- N.E.X.O.R
- 2112 AD

Realtime Games Pack
- Starstrike II
- 3D Tank Duel

Zenobi Adventure Pack Vol. 1
- Aura-Scope
- The Gods of War
- Leopold The Minstrel
- Murder.. He Said!
- Stranded!
- The Beast

Zenobi Adventure Pack Vol. 2
- The Khangrin Plans
- The Krazy Kartoonist Kaper
- A Murder Mystery Weekend
- Rhyme Cryme
- Stalker!
- The Thirty-Nine Steps

The following single games are available from the in-app shop:

- Carrier Command (1989)
- Dynamite Dan II (1986)
- Frank N. Stein (1984)

Download Spectaculator now and start playing the games of yesteryear all over again!
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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
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