Have you ever eaten somewhere that was amazing but when you go to tell your friends or try to find it again you can't because you forgot the name? How about a restaurant that a friend told you about that you really wanted to try, but, once again, you forgot the name? Smorgie is made to remember for you.

With Smorgie you can create lists of restaurants where you've eaten or want to eat. You can add a description about the restaurant, plus any photos you took.  You can use it as a restaurant diary:  Eat somewhere, add it on Smorgie write a note about the place where you just ate, add it to a list, and repeat. Or, you're dying to eat at a restaurant and so you don't forget you log it on Smorgie so you don't forget about it.

Smorgie helps you share your lists with friends by email, Facebook and Twitter too. When you want to recommend a bunch of places to a friend it's easy to just put a list together and fire it off to them.

Smorgie isn’t about the star rating reviews or wading through the rants of unknown diners, it just helps you remember and share great eating places. You can make handy lists of places like ‘best pizza in town’ or ‘impress visitors here’ or ‘bars where I haven’t been blacklisted’.

Smorgie is a website too. When you don’t have your iPhone, go to www.smorgie.com to see the eating and drinking places you saved at your fingertips.

Features of Smorgie:

• Save restaurants and bars at the touch of a button
• Add notes for restaurants in your lists
• Add photos you took at a restaurant
• Make lists of places on any theme you want
• View maps of your places by list or individually
• Share places or lists using Facebook, Twitter or email
• See nearby places that other Smorgie members have saved
• Look at notes and photos other Smorgie members added
• Automatically synchronize your content with Smorgie.com
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