The only App that Translates into English with 90% accuracy; Designed in collaboration with Certified Teachers “A recent study at the University of Edinburgh’s Reid School of Music indicates that learners’ memory skills are greatly improved when memorising to music.”Anne Merit – The Guardian. Learn a song and you Commit 300 words and phrases to Long Term Memory. It’s already a popular teaching method adopted by schools; why not Turn Pro and accelerate your learning to the next level. $3.99 for over 100 songs.

Key Features Include
•The Phrase Factory - Learn a Phrase Book in Song
A phrasebook is great tool for beginners. We have set all the essential phrases to popular nursery rhymes providing a totally silly but effective way of memorising. Packed full of useful phrases for Travel, Time & Date, Social, Emergency, Health, Money , Language difficulties & Food..
•Jargon Buster Plus - We decrypt over 250 Idioms & Useful Phrases such as “Play it by Ear!” or “Count on Me”. Speak like a local, understand those weird and colourful expressions and see “Another One Bite the Dust” as you learn in the context of your favourite songs also include Grammar decoder!
•Learn Mode -You can learn a song in an hour with “Learn Mode”; a specially devised function that plays the desired section of any track with Lead Vocals and then without for you to practice. What is especially useful is the repeat function which will loop any section of the track until you have learned it.
•From Memory – A subtle function that displays the translation and reveals the English for affirmation only providing an instant self-check.
•Oral Test - A seriously overlooked area. You may think you are understood but with our pronunciation tester you can be absolutely sure. Simply select microphone read a line from a song and it will compare it to the original and display your spoken words against the original lyrics and generate a score.
•Written Test - Test your ability to translate your language back into the original song lyrics. Sharpen your skills whilst you recommit the lyrics to memory. (Full Lyrics are displayed “off-screen” for reference).
DictionaryBuilt in Dictionary with meaning into your own language
•Forums - Record audio or Video and upload it to Forum, comment, exchange views, compare scores on the Results Table..who’s top of the class? Did you score 100% a song? Why not brag on the leader board?!! Enter Competition, make friends exchange views.
•Download for only $3.99 and over 100 songs forever to use anywhere offline.
Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
•Checkout this Telegraph article for more proof about our method
Sing To Learn Limited
8.61 MB
Español, Inglés y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
6.1 o posterior

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