The goal of this application is to make online searches more efficient. Many times we don't take advantage of the advanced features offered in search engines that allow us to find better results because they are not easy to use. This application will allow you to simply enter your search words and choose between various options that will narrow your results. The Summary tab will then provide a comparison between your tailored and normal search and displays only the difference between both top ten results.

Search tab (Main view) provides the benefit of forcing a popular search engine to search websites that contain ALL the words in your search. Single words won’t benefit as much from this feature. One can also search for ALL words ONLY in the URL or web address by pressing on the URL button. The second search box will allow you to only search a specific website address (for example: if you are interested in just that website. OR if you would like results with a specific domain suffix, such as .com, .org, .edu (Business, Organization, Education) or .us, .eu, .de, .es (Country domains).

Normal tab will show you the results if you were to simply put in the search query without search operators.

Summary tab takes the top 10 results with and without the search operators and will parse the URLs showing ONLY results that are different between the two searches. These URLs can be opened in Safari.

Note: If many searches are conducted in quick successions the search results will be suspended by the search engine until displayed letters are entered in the Results tab. This would be the result of the search engine interpreting the traffic to be coming from a robot or automated software.
Glendon Drost
460.25 KB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
6.1 o posterior

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