SelectTheDate – Free meeting scheduler and event planner
Picking a date has never been so easy!

SelectTheDate is a free meeting scheduler and event planner which makes
it easier for a group of people to organize an event or to schedule a meeting. The
app’s key feature is that it optimizes attendance by allowing all invitees to vote
on a date that works best for them.

This is how the App works:

1. Enter information regarding the event
2. Suggest a few dates for the event
3. Invite up to 30 people for the event
4. Receive everyone’s availability
5. Select a final date
6. SelectTheDate automatically informs your invitees

SelectTheDate is fully integrated with your phone’s address book and calendar.
In the event planning process you can easily add contacts from your address
book and the app also automatically blocks pending and final dates in your

Key Features:

• 100% Free
• 1,2,3 easy event creation
• Allow attendees to vote on a date and/or time that works for them
• Synchronization between the App and the calendar / contacts of your smartphone
• Full synchronization between the App and
• The App automatically checks your calendar and suggests your availability
• Invitees that do not use our application, will receive your invitation by E-mail.
• The App keeps you informed of the responses

Whether you want to plan a date with some friends or schedule a business meeting with
colleagues, SelectTheDate gets the job done. Easy and quickly!

SelectTheDate – Picking a date has never been so easy!
MobileSoft Development
2.04 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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