Do you know liver is the largest gland organ in our body. Liver is the organ that has multiple functions, and basically controls how our food digestion works in our body. Few of the liver functions are: produce substances that break down fats, convert glucose to glycogen, build amino acids for proteins, detoxify toxic substances such as alcohol, changing nutrients into energy for the body, store vitamins and minerals and regulate blood volume.

There are so many tips that come loaded with this app....and who knows one of the tips in this app could become yours or your loved ones life saver.

This app provides a list of tips, and the detailed reasoning behind each tip to convince us why to change our eating and otherwise lifestyle. I believe this app and other literature that can make you change your lifestyle to prevent diseases would be one of the best investments anyone can do.

Legal Disclaimer: This application provides the information on various ailments as is. Under no conditions, should the users of this application disregard any medical or professional advice. Always continue to take your doctor's advice or existing treatment. The information from this app should be in NO WAY to stop or delay any medical treatment you are taking. The information in this application is provided as is, and NO Warranty is expressed or applied that the information and the sources provided by this application are fully correct or otherwise. In no event, the creator of this application would be held liable for your direct or indirect use of information provided by this application. The creator of this application reserves full right at any time to remove, add, modify tips in this application or discontinue the application itself. The creator of this application will not be liable to you or any third party for any information provided in this application. Please use your best judgement to decide whether to use any or all information presented in this app. Again, we are not liable for anything, and by buying/ downloading this app you consent to this legal disclaimer.
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