The year is 2084. Technology has advanced beyond anything we could have imagined, and there is finally peace on Earth. Humankind is living in harmony for the first time...oh, and ROBOTS ARE INVADING FROM OUTER SPACE!!
The world is defenseless except for one electrical beam which YOU have control of. This pulsating beam can destroy the invading robots, but there is a catch:
Each color robot requires a different frequency to be shut down. We have assigned the different frequencies by color. You must change the beam to the robot's corresponding color as it passes through in order to destroy it.
Occasionally, the robots' mother-ship will drop power-ups for them. You will hear these approaching, and if you select the correct color as it passes through, you will gain an extra life.
The robots will come at greater speeds as you continue to destroy them. Good luck...You are the only hope for human survival. No pressure.

Robot Invasion is a fast-paced, fun, puzzle game for all ages.
We aren't saying it will change your life, but you just might be a better person for playing it.... Maybe.

Works for all iPhone and iTouch devices running OS 3.0 and greater.

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138 Aplicaciones
4.66 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.0 o posterior

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