- Ring In Ring ! -
Bugs, the destroyer of life energy the universe!

The Hugod universe was a wonderful place where many different tribes lived peacefully by sharing each others' science. However, the place slowly became devastated and lost its vitality. In a time where Bugs are ruling the Hugod universe, it is now time for you to go to the Hugod universe to recover the vitality of the universe with the RinginRing technology of the Sharide tribe by breaking through their surveillance.

The red circle is the ring. Make a RingInRing by placing the smaller ring into the bigger ring. (You can control the ring by moving the Iphone)

The black stars are the bugs. The energy goes down when the ring and the bugs collide. Bigger bugs are stronger.

- Bugs that add up and get bigger! -
For now, there is no way to stand against the bugs. Please RingInRing by breaking through their surveillance. Having noticed your behaviors, the bugs will send even more auxiliary troops. Try to do more RingInRing by breaking through the surveillance of the bugs.

- The ray bombs of the bugs -
You must especially watch out for the ray bombs of the bugs that have critical power. However, you can easily avoid them because they are shot from each ends and they have 2 seconds of waiting time before the shot is made.

- Upgrade -
There always is a way to prepare for the bugs. Try to upgrade by collecting the rings through your RingInRing skills. You can get all sorts of defensive skills, additional energy and special defense skills and you can also increase the speed of the RingInRing.

- The auxiliary troops -
You may receive auxiliary troops from the Hugod universe union.
Get your support by shaking the phone if there is a ring that fills up the screen.

- Additional points -
Try shaking your Iphone at the main menu whenever you play the game.
You may receive additional rings if you are lucky.

- Game center -
Try comparing your RinginRing skills with other Hugod warriors around the world at the game center. You can find out who the world's best warrior in the Hugod universe is. The game is paused and played when you touch the screen while playing the game.

- The items in the game -
The green-colored items are additional effects.
It can upgrade the defensive power of the RingInRing through protection.
5 Aplicaciones
9.24 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.2 o posterior

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