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ReRave is an interactive experience like no other.

With patent pending design, ReRave takes it a step further, combining rhythm and timing, as well as placement skills to create a brand new genre of reaction entertainment.

Other rhythm games are limited in the range of motion they can achieve with chart patterns, but ReRave expands beyond that with sequences that are practically limitless in the range of motion and types of patterns used to interpret the songs.

ReRave breaks the barrier of old fashioned “scrolling” and “matching symbols” that are typical of other rhythm games. Free movement is the name of the game!

For mobile devices, ReRave will provide endless entertainment wherever you are! Customizable profiles let you access your own scores no matter what device you are playing on… even if it’s on a friend’s device.

Beautiful, visually stunning graphics - there is as much entertainment for a player’s eyes as there is for their ears.

Diverse song packs – there is something for everyone! Players can download the songs they want and skip the ones they don’t want! New & updated sequences available frequently.

ReRave is the perfect way to explore new genres of music - Players will have access to a constant stream of entertainment from new songs/song packs that will allow ranking amongst other ReRave players throughout the world.

- Timing and Position Based Rhythm Game
- Real Time User Feedback
- 3 Difficulty levels allows the beginner as well as the seasoned player to be challenged
- Global Leader Boards & Ranking
- Downloadable Song Packs
- Game Center Support
- Well over 100 Achievements
- Customizable Avatar & Profile
- Facebook & Twitter Integration
- iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch3G or higher required
- Universal app. One app that supports iPod, iPhone & iPad
Step Evolution
19.59 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
3.1.3 o posterior

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