Learn the Secrets of an Ancient, Proven Tradition... You Can Harness The Power Of A Healing, Liberating, Universal Life Force!

Transform Your Life And Maximize Your Well-Being With Reiki!

Nearly 100 years ago, a child who would later become a monk, Mikao Usui, was born in Japan.

Usui would grow up to pursue the art of Reiki, a method of harnessing the universal life force that runs through all of us. He studied the ancient traditions, unlocking a powerful lost secret that has been transforming lives ever since.

Slowly, but surely, word of Reiki and its potential has moved beyond Japan's Buddhist temples throughout the world. Today, its secrets are readily available to you.

And you should learn them. Why?

Because Reiki is a fundamentally life-changing practice. It's nothing less than transformative.

Reiki is based on an understanding of the universe's powerful, universal life force. It harnesses and directs the power of ki to create healing, peace and understanding. It imbues its practitioners--and those who benefit from them--with true alignment and it unlocks their human potential.

Reiki is powerful. Unbelievably powerful. It's easy to see why it might sound magical to someone who isn't familiar with its foundations and underpinnings, but it isn't. Reiki is based firmly in reality.

"Reiki: Healing and Practices" is a comprehensive guide of Reiki, its history, its underpinnings, its techniques and its uses.

This isn't a simple how-to guide and it isn't a trivia text stuffed with unrelated random facts. This book is an in-depth examination of this amazing, scientifically sound, method of individual transformation and healing.

This book will give you the keys to unlock your potential. This amazing new guide covers issues including:

★ The history of Reiki and its ancient roots.

★ The various forms of Reiki practiced around the world.

★ The nature of ki (qi), the universal life force.

★ The scientific evidence and research in quantum mechanics explaining Reiki's power.

★ The nature of the seven chakras and how they relate to Reiki.

★ The nature of aurus and how they relate to Reiki.

★ The best techniques to self-administer Reiki.

★ The ways one provides Reiki to another.

★ The many advantages of Reiki.

★ The powerful ways to intensify the power of Reiki.

★ and much, Much More!

You may feel as if your life isn't where it should be. You may feel a strong pull to find something more or you may just have a nagging feeling that everything just isn't right.

Regardless of your exact sentiments, you know one thing: There is something else out there. You can sense it.

You may not be able to explain it. You may not be able to name it. But you know it's there, waiting for you.

★ A better sense of alignment.

★ Stronger health and physical well-being.

★ Improved mood and mental well-being.

★ A more powerful spiritual experience.

★ Enhanced energy.

★ Understanding and accessing your potential.

Reiki: Healing and Practices is here to give you exactly what you need to find something more. Something amazing.

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