"Rec-Brainstorming" is a business tool for an individual and team brainstorming session with only an iPhone, helping to collect ideas with the features of brainwave generating, voice recording, etc.


- "Brainwave generation", keywords relating to creative ideas Rec-Brainstorming detects your motivation. The software displays various keywords for brainwaves in a situation where you are getting tired.
If the condition is not still improved enough, it will approach from a different aspect to display another category of keywords.

- "High-performance sound player", quick playback for what you need Rec-Brainstorming can record your ideas, of course.
The point is efficient output. In Brainstorming mode, Rec-Brainstorming embeds markers in recording file after each remark so that it can be easy to playback and repeat the part you need to listen to.
In Voice Recorder mode, markers are embedded with pause button taps to distinguish recording part.

- "Pass around the device", acceleration sensor switches turn to speak For effective communication and business productivity, time management is critical.
Each time you may hand the device away or slide it across a table to the next person, Rec-Brainstorming detects the movement of the device and changes screen color, to avoid discussion time being prolonged and to collect ideas smoothly.


(Brainstorming mode)
- Setup for theme and category of brainstorming.
- Countdown timer for thinking time.
- 1 to 10 persons can play.
- Set up pass limit.
- Keywords display to stimulate your brain.
- Voice recorder. (iPod touch needs external microphone)
- Automatic switching roles to answer by acceleration sensor.

(Voice Recorder mode)
- Naming a file.
- A single tap for a recording or pause.
- Great recording capacity from a second to hours.
- Automatically embedding a marker on switching between "Pause" and "Play" for cue.

If you have any questions or trouble, please feel free to send to this e-mail.
e-MAIL: COGITO@cyberware.co.jp

[News and Information]
Twitter: @cyberware_jp

* The operation verification is being done about iOS 5 now.
1.74 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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