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# Congrats! 'New and Noteworthy' Chosen(Feb.:) #
"Overall, Ready Action is a great platform game, and offers many exciting levels. You are sure to enjoy jumping and attacking your way past enemies for hours. For $1.99 it is great game to add to your iPhone." - AppAdvice.com

"Vibrant cartoonish parodies / The cartoonish designs are fantastic and the animations remain smooth throughout." - AppSpy.com

"Imagine my surprise while I was playing Ready Action! ($1.99) and found myself enjoying myself thoroughly and reminiscing about my childhood playing Mega-Man, Little Nemo, and a slew of other 8-bit platformers. This really is a very well-executed design with pleasantly nostalgic gameplay." - Qwertyhub.com

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=930682-gUk4) - iNicoFun; Gameplay

'Ready Action' is a legitimacy Platformer game.
Game starts with hero 'Jimmy', who wants to be an actor, joining a poor studio.
Poor studio has not enough money for film, so Jimmy need to shoot many scene in 30sec!
And Jimmy has to play a multiple role, shooting while changing various costumes.
Now, we have 3 parody themes, 65 stages.
Plz help our poor Jimmy to become an actor!:)

1) Play Control
◀(Left) / ▶(Right) / ⓐ(Attack) / ⓙ(Jump) / ⓙx2(Double Jump, Flying)

2) Game Object
- 30 sec. Limited time (Can buy time from exchange booth)
- Complete stage mission such as finding cut sign, searching for gems, saving doctor.

3) Play Guideline
- Exchange booth: stop on it, and touch the screen.
- Costume: various and unique 17 costumes. 'strong power, can fly, double jump' grasp characteristic before buying them.

***BETA TESTER(in touchArcade Forum)***
The game is as great as before no doubt!
yeah, the game was fun from the start and is still fun now. I also like all the additional graphics that have been added.
The game was fun before and it is fun now! Plus I really find the little changes in graphics and sounds (and I play with my bose on ...) really nice.

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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.0 o posterior

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