A new awesome tool for enjoying music!

The final evolution of the rhythm action game application R. Tap!

R. Tap is an game application based on the orthodox rhythm action game and that maximizes the fun of enjoying Music through the introduction of new play modes and the addition of various control methods.

New Features

* Two Modes! - Rhythm Tap & Rhythm Run

Rhythm Tap - The default Mode. You can touch the music marker that is falling down to fit the Music Beat! Maximizing the fun by introducing various types of Markers such as the long Marker, the Continous Marker, the Multi Marker.

Rhythm Run - A New style game mode! You can run the music track by controlling 3D character! Everyone can enjoy the rhythm action game more easily with one hand! Experience facinating characters and fantastic worlds now!

* The variety of styles of play that Both biginners and Experts can satisfy.

Every available song has more than 10 different marker style games. So all users can play in a suitable form.

How to Play

Rhythm Tap - Music MARKERs come down on the board with the music. When the marker gets to the Decision Bar, tap the Press Button!

Long Marker - Keep Touching until the Tail Ends.

Continuous Marker - Same as the basic notes, but You can reach the marker Without Lifting.

Number marker - Tap quickly as many times as the number shown above the marker before another Marker comes.

Rhythm Run - Musical Markers appear in 'Rhythm Runner's Road. Let's get rid of them by touching to fit the beat! You can move your character to the changing direction of road.
12 Aplicaciones
32.12 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
3.1.3 o posterior

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