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Great news! From the world’s leader in quality puzzles and creators of the successful Puzzler World series, Puzzler brings you PUZZLER WORDSEARCH - the ultimate in wordsearch puzzle games.

This great app will appeal to all wordsearch and kriss kross enthusiasts and includes an irresistible selection of wordsearch puzzles for the whole family with various interesting and amusing word lists.

Play a selection of free puzzles to whet your appetite and then enjoy more puzzling fun with regular and special packs of various sizes and themes via the in-app options menu.

Fantastic features include:
•A great collection of quality wordsearch puzzles covering various themes and word list lengths.
•Double tap to enlarge and pan around the grids.
•Unlimited hints to help with those elusive words.
•Save unfinished puzzles and return at your convenience.
•Easily manage your puzzles and puzzle packs.
•Easy to use interface – just tap a start and end letter to highlight the chosen word.
•Great value for money.
•English puzzles, themes and word list.
•Quality and intuitive puzzles for the whole family.
•Regular puzzle pack releases, managed easily within the one location.
•Watch out for special family and kids packs throughout the year.

If you love words, then you will love these puzzles!

We value your feedback and hope you will let us know what you think on our Puzzler World Facebook page.

Fancy more fresh and imaginative puzzles?
You’ll be pleased to hear we have other exciting Puzzler apps available in the app store –Crosswords, Sudoku, Kriss Kross and Codewords. Plus Puzzler World 2 – a collection of fun and exciting mixed puzzles.

PUZZLER WORDSEARCH: Another quality puzzle production from the world’s foremost puzzle provider.

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13 Aplicaciones
9.57 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
4.0 o posterior

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