Need a game that you can play quickly but makes you think? A game that you can play with your friends? A game with lots of options to let you play the way you want and never have to play the same game twice?

Proximity 2 is the official sequel to Proximity, a highly addictive turn-based strategy game that has been played millions of times all over the world.

The object of the game is simple: score the most points! You do so by placing tiles numbered from 1 to 20 from your hand onto the board. If you place the tile next to an opponent's tile and the number on your tile is higher than theirs, you capture your opponent's tile and its score is added to yours!


* Play with up to four human or computer players, competitive or coop!

* Includes randomized maps and 17 custom maps to challenge yourself with!

* Adjust your difficulty to play against easier A.I. or give yourself or others a handicap.

* Hold five tiles at a time so you can wait to play your best tiles until the perfect moment!

* Add some risk to your game with question mark tiles that change the number on your tile. Risky!

* Save your game automatically by backing out or switching applications, making it easy to play for short periods of time.

* Automatically keeps track of your best scores, your highest captures, and your win-loss record.

* Many other game options that let you play the game in thousands of different ways!

Still not convinced? Go to to see a video of the game in action, find more information, and play the original Proximity.

Start the addiction today!
Brian Cable
11.92 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1.2 o posterior

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