Powered by EasyWorksheet, used in over 15,000 schools worldwide, Pre Algebra!!! is one of the largest collection of Pre Algebra Worksheets on iPad. This App covers Pre Algebra and Honors Pre Algebra, helping you prepare almost all that you need to practice before you venture into Algebra. The worksheets in the App allows students to practice each pre-algebra lesson one by one until the student achieves mastery in each topic. To achieve mastery, student is required to score a 100 points. If an answer goes wrong, you can review the correct answer along with step by step instructions before you go to the next question.

Topics Covered in this App are

Pre Algebra

1. Converting Numbers (Decimal / Fraction / Perc
2. Integers and Integer Rules
3. Ordering and Comparing Numbers
4. Order of Operations
5. Properties
6. Basic Operations
7. Money Word Problems (Percent, Tips, Discount,
8. Ratio and Proportion Problems
9. Substitution with Values
10. Squares and Square Roots
11. Measurement
12. Area and Perimeter
13. Angles
14. Polygons and Similar / Congruence
15. Graphing Points
16. Properties of Quadrilaterals
17. Surface Area and Volume
18. Transformations
19. 3-D Models and 2-D Views
20. Pythagorean Theorem
21. Data using Graphs / Plots
22. Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, M
23. Probability and Predicting
24. Patterns and Sequences
25. Solving 1-Step Equations and Inequalities
26. Verbal Expressions and Equations
27. Function Tables
28. 2-Step Equations and Inequalities
29. Graphing Linear Equations
30. Word Problems (Work, Trip / Distance, Age)
31. Constructions
32. Exponents
33. Literal Equations
34. Triangles and Geometry
35. Trig Functions and Special Right Triangles

Honors Pre Algebra

1. Set Theory
2. Number Bases
3. Exponents and Radicals
4. Perimeter, Area, Congruence, and Similarity
5. Trigonometry
6. Curve Sketching
7. Probability and Statistics
8. Sequences and Series

Each of the above mentioned objectives covers an exhaustive collection of problems organized chapter-wise for an intensive Math learning process.

A scoring model that involves negative marking for wrong answers and rewards points for right answers. The student gets 10 questions for every exercise. After attempting the question, the student gets an opportunity to review step by step instructions to solve every single question.

For Students:

* Write, scribble, solve Math worksheets on the iPad.
* Electronically save practiced work and solutions for later review.
* Track scores and progress.
* Independent learning, homework and revision.
* An engaging way to learn and grasp math concepts.

For technical support, feedback, suggestions or questions, please contact: support@mathpentagon.com
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