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Power Arrow is a very simple but very fun game!

This game provides a nice picture, sweet sound and beautiful music. Moreover, Power Arrow is still a very fun game for all ages.

This is a short and sturdy game, 5 minutes will make your own satisfaction, and every play, can have a new experience.

Rules of the game:
- Design bull's-eye with a bow and arrow can be very simple goals
- Bull's-eye is moving, so be sure to calculate the amount of good in advance, otherwise there will be no good results
- Each entry to the next level, will increase the minimum score required clearance, the challenges will be more and more
- Has a list of local games, you can easily test our results with friends, have fun competition

Game Background:
Robin Hood Archery we are all aware, Power Arrow Robin Hood is to reproduce the way a child's exercise.
Robin Hood is very hard-working, non-stop every day to practice its own technology, so that they can be shot hits the target.
Friends, together we can learn from his spirit, and in an archery together to strengthen their capacity, ability to focus!
11 Aplicaciones
10.71 MB
Inglés y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1 o posterior

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