If the screen doesn't seem to show a map once loaded and the screen looks all yellow where the map should be, then you have not enabled location services for the application and you are looking at the Sahara desert. Please enable location services in settings.

Open settings:
- click on General
- click on Location Services
- make sure that the Location Services switch is ON
- find Postbox UK in the app list and make sure the switch is ON

Please note that the first load takes a seemingly considerable amount of time even on an iPhone 4. We have to initialise the database with over 44,000 postbox locations, this can take up to a minute (which is longer than you think counting in your head).

Postbox Finder UK helps you locate nearby postboxes and post offices in the UK using the GPS built into your phone. The coverage is extensive although there are postboxes that are not currently be included in the application. If you do find missing postboxes, then please help us to locate them so that the app can become more complete. Please follow the below link to dracos and help update the database. Once you have added the missing postbox to the dracos website you should be able to quickly perform an in-app database update and the missing postbox should appear.

You can assist with the accuracy of the data and any missing postboxes by using the following website: http://www.dracos.co.uk/play/locating-postboxes/

If you are having issues with the application then please contact the support email address with the following details and we will try our best to resolve the problem:

- iOS version (4.1, 4.2)
- Device type (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch)
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