"Who is listening what music around where? To know more, please join PopToo!"
PopToo sends updates to Twitter, Foursquare and Timeline, sharing song titles and artist names of what you are listening with locations you labeled.

Using multitasking feature, PopToo can be switched on to check-in music tags and locations AUTOMATICALLY when songs are changed, while it's running background.

This automatic feature is also available for sending formatted updates to your Twitter account.

Intentionally, you may simply check-in only music tags and location without showing your Twitter or Foursquare name, not to be bothered by others, who are yet to be your new PopToo Friends.

Or, you can even hide your location to have stronger privacy.

Just like photos you've taken have locational information, songs you are listening to can be kept in history as they are checked-in.

As browsing through favorite songs of other PopToo Friends, you can search about these interesting songs in YouTube very easily.

Please join PopToo and see how this new project of fXceed grows! Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
HOWEVER, PopToo will only let the best accuracy for location to be temporarily activated only when music is changed, and deactivated or turned off during normal use. Also, Auto Check-in can be automatically switched off to save power when it is about below 20%
3.87 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
5.1 o posterior

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