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Sure, you know the Eiffel Tower in Paris when you see it but how about lesser known places? If you saw a photo of Machu Picchu in Peru, would you recognize it? Test your knowledge of world destinations with PictureTrivia. Compete online, earn achievements and learn more about each beautifully photographed location. Come and test your Travel IQ™ today. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

“I really liked this app because I have traveled to a good bit of places around the world and it was fun to see them come up in the game. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys traveling. Nifty little app. Great find.”
- Mr. Ecco

“We love to travel, and this application makes me want to board a plane and go!...Really it’s a nice little ‘time waster’ if you need something to keep you occupied at the Doctor’s Office, or at someplace you have to ….wait….wait….wait. Good app for the $.
- Diana999

Maybe you’re waiting for a plane or just passing the time. You’re feeling bored, you need something interesting to do. Snapping your fingers, you just remembered that you have the answer to your problem, right on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Opening the PictureTrivia app, you study a beautiful photograph of an ancient building that appears to be high in the mountains but which mountains are they? If you can figure that, you might be able to guess the answer. You look at the multiple choices but you’re just not sure which is right. Taking a stab at it, you tap Machu Picchu. You’re right!

PictureTrivia combines pictures of famous destinations with a new kind of trivia, one based purely on pictures instead of words. Look at the picture and select an answer from the multiple choices at the bottom of the screen. If you’re right, it will add to your score. Get a score that’s high enough and you may be a contender for one of the top five spots on the online leaderboard.

There are a whopping 300 photos in this app, all from famous destinations around the globe. Some, you’ll recognize immediately, others are likely to keep you guessing. There are three levels of difficulty, so even seasoned travelers will find challenge in PictureTrivia.

The app offers you three levels of difficulty. Start with the easy level, progress to the medium then see if your Travel IQ can conquer the difficult level. Each level you complete earns you an achievement checkmark on the main screen and bragging rights.

It isn’t just a wild guessing though. PictureTrivia is also a learning tool. Just tap the ‘More Info’ button for each destination to learn about that famous location and further increase your Travel IQ.

Oh yes, and you can listen to your music the whole time you’re playing PictureTrivia too, if you want.

Features included in PictureTrivia:

* 300 Photos from famous destinations all around the world

* Easy, Medium, and Hard Levels

* Compete against other users for the top 5 spots by uploading your high scores to our online leader board

* “More Info” button displays info about each destination

* Two finger pinching allows you to zoom in or out on pictures
* Rotate the Device to view in landscape or portrait mode
* Automatically save high scores locally by clicking the home icon

* Get more info about each destination by clicking the "info" button

* Navigate to already answered questions by clicking the back or forward arrows 
* Complete a difficulty level and earn an achievement checkmark on the main screen
* Listen to your own music while playing

Download this beautiful, challenging and educational app now. PictureTrivia is one the very best ways to spend time and increase your Travel IQ.
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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.0 o posterior

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