#Photos is a simple, easy and powerful photo manager.

You can do everything about photos with #Photos.
Navigate, search, manage, edit and share

Make your photos alive!
Many users have many photos in their devices but most of them are just sitting there.
You might have an experience that you want to see some photos but you cannot find them and give up after scrolling up and down over and over.

#Photos can group your photos by month and show date in thumbnails.
It's very helpful to navigate photos.
Timeline makes you can navigate even faster.
(Tap date cell in thumbnails to create event in Timeline)

Tagging your photos.
It'll make you can search exact photos when you want to see them.

****** FEATURES ******

- Timeline
You can navigate exact month very quickly.
You don't need to scroll up and down thumbnails.
Also you can create an event on a date and see them in timeline.
Then you can jump to that event date right away.

- Tagging
Tag your photos and search with them.
Selection mode and powerful tag editor will make you tagging easy and fast.

- Search with predefined Tags
#notag: search photos have no tag
#screenshot: search screenshots
#square: search square size photos

- Photo Editor
Edit photo with powerful Aviary Photo Editor
Effects/Filter, Frames, Stickers, Orientation, Crop, Focus, Adjust, Sharpness, Splash, Draw, Text, Whiten, Blur, Blemish, Redeye

- Photo Information
You can see model, time, size, shutter speed and more information on photos.

- Animated GIF
Animated GIF is alive in #Photos

- Map View
See photos on a map

- Delete Photos
At last, you can delete photos in #Photos!

- Customize thumbnail size
You can choose thumbnail size; small, medium, large
see more photos at once with small thumbnail size.

- Manage albums
Add, delete, rename, add photos to album, remove photos form album

- Import Photos from Mac/PC
The easiest way to import/copy photos on your Mac/PC to your iPhone/iPad using iTunes File Sharing.
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