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Route Candle Update!
Ver1.1 contains extra new stages and special game.

In this game, the player guides a ‘flame’ to light candles.

"It does provide a creative little puzzler that fans of the puzzle genre will definitely appreciate."
-148apps *****

"Taking the hand-drawn look and then adding phenomenal animation, Route Candle is a joy to behold."
-Pocket Gamer 8/10

"Route Candle is a bit like ChuChu Rocket! mixed with Pikmin and Golf."
-Tech-Gaming A-

All the player needs to do is specify each destination for the ‘flame.’
The “flame” will attempt to reach each destination via the shortest route.
Master the behavior of the flame to successfully collect as many matches as possible during each stage and light all the candles.
Each stage will have its own pitfall traps and one-way streets, and you may need to use your ingenuity as you can only specify the destination a certain number of times.

This lite-version contains 6 stages.
Now, the full-version is the sale of the limited period.

[Characteristics of the Flame]
- Tries to find the shortest route to the destination.
- However, as the flame has difficulty doing U-turns, it will base its choice of shortest route on the direction of movement. (Note that a dead end will force the flame to change direction.)
- Chooses the route with as few turning points as possible.
- Collects nearby matches even without your command.
- A match is needed to light each candle.

[Playing instructions]
- Tap the stage with your finger to place a flag. This will show the shortest route to the flag with a line.
- Tap the “GO” button to make the flame start walking.
- Once you have mastered the flame’s behavior in selecting its route, you can predict its movement and prepare flags one after another on the path ahead.

[Further challenges]
- Once you can get through the whole game, try to clear each stage within the number of flags indicated by the “Par” number in the upper right corner of the screen.
- Try to also pass over every score item and stay within the number indicated by “Par.”
3 Aplicaciones
8.57 MB
Inglés y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
2.1 o posterior

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