Just so you know this is not your 'same ol- same ol' casino game. What you are about to experience will pull you out of your regular daily missy and catapult you in your new intergalactic supersonic reality. Wewee so here you are the best Las Vegas casino. You and your crew. You are such a top of the line HIT player that you are not allowed in most of the casinos. You disguise yourself as a likeness of a little old grandpa and somehow are able to brake in the BELLAGIO. All the high rollers are in and around you. This is a popular place. You look around and like a trained slick preditor identify a table with a weak performer. You casually ask if you can join the game. You sit down with your straight professional phase pretending to not know much about the game. The stakes are high like always. You never play a bet under six figures. Suddenly everything changes. The weak looking opponent turns not to be such a wussy. Game turned violently around several times in his and yours favor. You almost lost your behind several times. That's what a casino will do to you. Will make you or brake you. A gushing flow of release comes through your whole body. The small veins on the left and right hand of your eyes are pulled like tight rope like string ready to be played on. Your hands are sweating trout is dry and is kind of really hard to swallow. It’s like the roof of your mouth has clinched your tongue in to a strong grip and won't release it. Finally after a tremendous struggle you take the upper hand and win. It's not mush it's couple of million dollars. You take your share and go on with your life. You do what you always do after a big win. Take a trip down to the Caribbean's to Tortola Island. You jump on your favorite 50 foot sail boat and take in to the sea. The wind is gently touching the sails. A friendly captain waves at you from the near passing small boat. Next stop is the local marina bar. You stop and have your favorite pain killer drink that comes with umbrella on top. Just in time you jump on your and sail boat in to the sunset sipping on something similar to what you had in the bar couple hours ago. Well suddenly something didn't fill right. The casino the boat the marina and all didn't feel very real. The shaking of the boat and the wind started to dissipate strangely. And then it all happened. You woke up! No joke like in bed with your PJs. You tried to hold on to the dream a little longer. The evil alarm clock put it all to rest. Vegas, the casino, sail boat and the Caribbean’s... It was all gone. Like a little obedient drone, you got up. Washed your face and headed in to horrendous traffic in your “not to hot” car. All to go to a place to see some people you really hate. Well I can feel your pain. Listen! You can do anything in your life. You can even create your own reality. However with the “speed of life” you currently move I am concerned that you won’t have enough earth ears to get the girls the boats, Vegas and all. So I decided to create your own “trans-galactic” “supper hot” reality. Do yourself a favor. Push few buttons pres next and download this app. See you on the other side.
3 Aplicaciones
64.89 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
6.0 o posterior

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