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Convert simple text messages to full screen colour graphics in moments.

We think it's the most direct social networking tool out there...every iPhone and iPod Touch should have one.

There's so many situations where you just can't be heard. In a noisy bar...a crowded club...a room full of children? Or maybe you just want to get something across to someone else and just don't want to be heard!!!

With Oi!, you can type a quick message in via your keypad, choose the colours and font style (Helvetica Neue, Roman/Bold/Italic) that work for you and it's instantly turned into a full screen graphic message. Save it in your Oi! List and automatically a copy is saved in your Camera Roll too as an image.

Inside your Oi! List, you can edit each slide and delete or change the order. Save your favourites, make a slide show, post them to Facebook or send via MMS or email to whoever you like. Manage them just like you would your photos and keep a library of your favourite Oi!s to use at will. In addition, you can join the Oi! Community (www.oi-app.com) and upload your slides as well as view and share with other members anywhere in the world.

We've supplied some examples to be getting on with. As soon as you start using it, you'll think of hundreds of things you want to say. The more we think about it, the more ways we can find to use it and we're sure everyone will think of something else they can use it for.

We've put a lot of time and effort into making this very simple, effective tool. Our commitment is to keep enhancing it and we'll rely on your feedback and wishes to focus on what features we introduce over time. The next step is to release Oi! for iPad to get even bigger messages across and to allow users to make more effective slide decks! With your help and involvement online through Facebook and oi-app.com, we will just keep making this bigger and better.

Overview -

• Keep a library of Oi! slides.
• Edit your list - create new slides, change the order, delete and re-edit existing slides
• Choose font style, text and background colours and preview your selections.
• Post your slide as your Facebook status, put it on other peoples' walls or share via email (image files in the camera roll can be shared via MMS or 3rd Party messaging software just like any other image)

Created by OIC Design
OIC Design Website - www.oicdesign.net Support website - www.oi-app.com
Cosy Enterprises Limited
709.62 KB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
5.1 o posterior

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