☆ High resolution images for Retina display.
☆ Tested in iOS5.0 (# NOTE is available in iOS 4.3 or higher)
☆ Now # NOTE Lite is available in the AppStore.

✓ Do you still look for a pen to write down your list of groceries?
✓ Have you ever regretted impulse buys or not knowing how much you have spent so far?

Plan with "# Note". You'll be surprised how easy and fun to make a shopping list and to save money from unnecessary purchase.


■ “# Note” offers more than 1,000 ready-to-use items:
You can create your own category and item, or simply download categories in real-time.

■ Manage easily items by grouping and categorizing:
You can register items by category and manage categories by group.

■ Find items quickly by Tab or Smart search:
- Item inquiries per Group/Category
- Item inquiries in most frequent purchase order
- Item inquiries in most recent purchase order
- Item inquires per Cart

■ More powerful shopping history & expense report features:
- You can easily check purchased items by date.
- You can sort out items by frequency of purchase or by amount of expense in order.
- You can consulted inbuilt report to grasp expense easily with graphs by period, by shopping list, or by category.

■ Ask someone else to go shopping for you when you are not able to:
Send your customized shopping list to a friend or a family member by # NOTE or inbuilt email feature to ask him/her to shop what you exactly need to buy.

■ Share your categories with the world:
Upload/Download categories to/from "# Note" server and explore unique products from all around the world. You can upgrade your own categories as well.

■ All of the world currency are supported.
7.03 MB
Inglés y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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