The most innovative video game in the world! Only on iPhone!
Experience the world's first video game that transports you across the virtual and real worlds, allowing you to use motion tracking radar in a real outdoor environment.
Unlike previous AR methods of overlaying CG on camera and without any additional hardware, I have devised a method whereby the game is directly overlaid on to the real world.
It combines toys and video games into a new intermediate category that are called "Toybrid".

While it was originally planned in 2005 with the idea of "merging an entirely new game concept with the latest technological innovations", it took the creation of the iPhone to finally bring it into reality! (Unable even on 3DS)

While "Fox Hunting" is an asymmetric-game with two distinctive roles, that of fugitive and tracker, NFH is a symmetric-game where both participants have the same position and play under the same conditions.

This video game is an outdoor game, where you search for the opponent on a motion tracking radar, and hit the opponent with Ping (radio tracking).

Besides Ping there are three types of weapons, VM: Virtual Mine / VC4: Virtual C4 explosive / DCY: Decoy transmitter. In Stealth / Shield offers two types of defensive weapons. Combining the usage of weapons, decoys and stealth /shields, allows players to develop and use different types of tactics.

This game has provided a wealth of options for different circumstances by limiting the playing area and other game parameters.

There are three types of combination in communication method, Bluetooth only, Bluetooth and LAN combined, and Bluetooth and the Internet combined.

The 1P-Game mode can be used for practicing for a PvP(2P)Game. Play and strategize!
2 Aplicaciones
18.1 MB
Inglés y otros
iPhone y iPad
Versión iOS
3.1.3 o posterior

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