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An easy to use iPhone and iPod touch App that enables both new and advanced YouTube users to get the best from YouTube.

Note, several features listed below are not compatible with iOS 6.

Browse Videos, Categories, Channels and Playlists. Then organize new videos into your own favorites and playlists. Make playlists private or public. Subscribe to other user's playlists and video collections for future viewing. Subscribe to videos matching search-words.

See the activity history of friends. Look at publicly viewable favorite videos, playlists and subscriptions based on your YouTube friends, family and contacts. Send and receive video recommendations with YouTube contacts via YouTube video messages, email, Facebook or Twitter.

Search for new videos tagged for your language or geographical region, using local keyboard. Explore for new videos via easy switching of user ID to the owner of interesting videos - then explore their world.

All actions are kept in sync with PC, Mac or Apple-TV access to YouTube.

You are able to test all the application features with this free version of Navigator for YouTube. However, menu entries are limited to 5 and video viewing is limited to WiFi networking. Enjoy the benefits of an unlimited version of Navigator for YouTube, visit the iTunes store and buy the great-value upgrade.

• Review the activity history of friends in your YouTube contacts list. See what they have added as favorites, new friends, subscriptions and more.

• Use Twitter or Facebook to send and receive video recommendations.

• Watch full length movies and movie trailers.

• View video Categories: Music, News, sport, etc.

• View standard video: Top Rated, Most Viewed, etc.

• Change geographical region: United States, France, Japan, Brazil, etc. Then view Categories and Standard Feeds for the region.

• Enter search-words and find new videos with matching description. Subscribe to videos matching search-words - new videos are found without reentering search-words.

• Create and edit Playlists or Favorites. Make Playlists private or public. Arrange the order of video in a playlist.

• Search for other user's Playlists, and subscribe for easy future viewing.

• Search for Channels published by National Geographic or other YouTube uploader. Subscribe to Channels for easy future access and keeping up-to-date with their latest uploads.

• View your subscription to Channels, Playlists, video matching search-words or other users' Favorites. View a summary of latest video added to your video subscriptions.

• Add or remove other YouTube users to your list of contacts.

• Easy access to YouTube video messages received from contacts. Send an interesting video to a contact, and add a short message.

• Switch User ID to one of your contacts to access their publicly viewable Favorites and Playlists. Switch User ID to the ID used by an interesting video uploader.

• View video YouTube has recommended for you.

• Auto-play of the next video in a playlist is not supported in this free version; the play button must be pressed between each video. An auto-play feature is included in the next update of the purchased version, available shortly.

• If a Youtube member restricts viewing of their uploaded video, it may not play on the iPhone or iPod! These videos are marked [Limited Syndication] or [Restricted]. There is currently no work-around to this problem.

• Some reviewers have reported that the app is broken or want play video and we should "fix the problem". In all cases, these reports have been traced back to videos which have viewing restrictions imposed by their YouTube uploader. The app indicates such videos are restricted - their is no bug requiring fixing.
3 Aplicaciones
1.04 MB
Inglés, Francés y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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