Fast paced block busting fun in this love themed action packed game! Test your skill and reflexes as you race to complete the level before the blocks overpower you. Use angelic power-ups to help you along, and play through numerous levels as you try your hardest to master the game. Beat your friend's scores on the leader board and share your successes with them on Facebook!

♡ Brilliant visuals, which look absolutely stunning on the new HD iPads and iPhone 5.
♡ Multiple Love Themes.
♡ Multiple lives with your 'Hearts Desire'.
♡ Easy to learn, yet hard to master.
♡ Angelic power ups such as the 'Jilted Lover' and the 'Cold Hearted Disintegrator'.
♡ Climb the leader board and share your success with your friends on Facebook.


♡ Cool As A Ninja
This laid-back cherub wants to help YOU! Tapping her will unleash her cold fury, causing her to destroy all pieces that match her colour.

♡ The God Finger
The cherubs have got hold of a very powerful weapon! Tap it to completely freeze the feeder, stopping all block production for a limited time.

♡ Burning Love!
This bad boy gives out an immense boiling heat which is capable of totally destroying all pieces on the board.

♡ Jilted Lover!
She is absolutely fuming and will destroy all the pieces in her immediate area. Tap to release the anger and blow her past loves to smithereens!

♡ Extra Time!
Tap this piece to slow down the feeding of new blocks. Watch Out - it doesn't last for long!

♡ Cold Hearted Disintegrator
This cool dude packs a punch! He destroys all pieces within the same horizontal line as him, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts!

♡ Hearts Desire
Tapping this piece will activate your Hearts Desire and give you extra lives. One extra life from the Silver Heart and two extra lives from the Red Heart. Use these wisely to greatly extend your game.


Coloured blocks randomly fill the board, rising from below. Touching a group of 3 or more blocks of the same colour, the whole group disappears in a collapse and any blocks stacked above fall down to fill in the empty spaces. Clearing a complete column will cause the other blocks to slide into the centre of the board.

If one or more blocks rise beyond the top row of the board, the game is lost. If the player manages to survive a specified number of lines without losing, they win the level and are awarded bonus points for each empty space. Higher points are awarded for spaces at the bottom of the board.

A level usually begins with a few rows of blocks using a starting set of colours. One after the other, new blocks are added to a "feed" row below the board. When the feeder row has filled, all of its blocks are moved up, to the active board, shifting the field of remaining blocks higher. As the levels get harder, the rate of new blocks entering the feed increases. New colours are also introduced, making it more challenging for the player to find groups that are large enough to be collapsed.

Swipe up from the piece feeder or swipe left/right along the piece feeder, to immediately insert another row into the board and receive a score bonus. The sooner you swipe the higher the bonus. Be careful that you don't get overrun with blocks!


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iPhone, iPod y iPad
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Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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