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With Music Library Quiz you will test yourself with the songs of your iPod library.
And using our free companion MLQServer app you can also use another device music library to play. Just install the free MLQServer app, turn on wifi or bluetooth and you can play on one device screen while the music will come from the other device speaker or the attached audio accessory.

Music Library Quiz, graphically wonderful and quickly playable, will start the songs of your iPod library, contained in your iPhone or iPod touch, and will ask you to choose, among some possible answers, the title of the song, the title of the album or even the author. If in your library you also have the covers, you will be tested also on those!

Answer in the shortest time to gain more points. Higher is your score, more difficult will be the following questions.

You can interrupt the game at any time and start it again afterwards.

If your library contains the covers of the albums, they will be the background of your games. For any song, in case you have given the wrong answer, the game will point out the correct answer and you will be always able to check the details of the song.

- quiz on song title, arist, album title and cover artwork
- increasingly difficult questions
- songs can play at start or at random point
- four game modes (unlimited, 20 songs, 2 minutes, 5 minutes)
- playlist selection
- random cover artworks used as animated background
- interrupt the game at any time (either manually or for a call) and start it again afterwards
- OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements
- Send your score to twitter or facebook
- OpenFeint challenges with push notifications
7 Aplicaciones
3.57 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
3.0 o posterior

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