Moves Like is a new and interesting word game developed by Breadfruit, a new face in the game/app industry. The game revolves around people making videos of them acting out a certain word and then other people are supposed to guess what word that is. Suitable for download on iOS or Android, it’s like charades for the 21st century. Players can follow their friends on Facebook or even other players to see all their videos and also view all the hot and popular videos from users world-wide.

After watching the videos players try to guess the word from letter blocks already give, which in itself is a helpful hint as you already have the letters required for the word. Correctly guessing words can earn you “beats”, an in-game currency for purchases of power-ups. These power-ups, labeled “bombs”, can help players when they are being stumped on a difficult word and reveal a letter with each use to push the player onto the correct path. Players can directly challenge their friends for games, competing to see whose videos are more creative and funny.

Following your friends or other players will cause all their videos to appear on your feed, allowing you to guess words from any video you may prefer. Likewise, players that follow you will have all your videos appear on their feeds as well. Go through amazing and fun videos, deciphering the words earning points. You can also share game updates directly to your Facebook profiles, posting all your fun and achievements and also inviting people to join you in the excitement.

When choosing words, players can choose from three difficulties: easy, medium and hard. Furthermore, players can select the category of words such as nature, items, movies, etc. When making videos, players can also add effects and items to help them make the videos more interesting and creative. The more interesting the videos are, the more chances of them getting likes and recognition from other players.

Enjoy some great laughs with your friends on videos, share your own moments of creativity with players around the world with your unique videos or show off your ingenious skills at guessing games on Moves Like.
Breadfruit B.V.
10.19 MB
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
7.1 o posterior

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