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Mobbilo shortens the distance between people on the one hand and between marketeers to people on the other. it is simple to use, fast to understand and provides all users a better and easy way to interact with each other. Thanks to Mobbilo users can easily find new or used products from retailers or private people in their immediate surroundings.

You are Mobbilo

When using Mobbilo you know that everything you need is in your pocket, whether you are looking for a new washing machine, a used skateboard or even an economy car. Mobbilo saves you time, energy and effort - simply click and use. Yes, it’s that simple. Thanks to Mobbilo you can also sell any of your stuff that you don’t need anymore with your smartphone alone. All you have to do is upload to Mobbilo a photo of your item, add a short description and the price you want for it and Mobbilo will share your “deal” to many potential buyers who are waiting just around the corner.

Mobbilo is open for business

If you are a business owner searching for a way to increase your reach and produce even more revenue, Mobbilo is the perfect solution for you.

We provide you a rich easy to use platform which enables you to post your hottest products which are on display or sale. Each posted product can be uploaded with its photograph, its price and details. Allowing Mobbilo users to see your post automatically check your products online and contact you directly.

Now with a new eBay mashup! You can search at Mobbilo and we will show you also nearby results from eBay!

Want to check us out? Download Mobbilo to your iPhone, it’s free!
Spark Match ltd.
5.29 MB
Inglés y otros
iPhone, iPod y iPad
Versión iOS
4.1 o posterior

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