Enhance your memory in a fun way with Mem Card Game! Memorize and flip cards but watch that you don’t turn the fire card because that is certain loss. The more you play, the better your memory gets. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App.

Your memory isn’t what it used to be. You’ve wanted to do something about it but everything you’ve read to do sounds so boring and time consuming. Well, you can safely forget about that stuff because memory enhancement is a lot more fun than you have probably been led to believe.

The Mem Card Game is going to keep you engrossed for hours as it coaxes your memory back to life. Look at your screen. Mem Card Game is showing you some cards. Memorize as many as you can because they’ll soon be covered up. Racking your memory comes into play when you have to click on the cards to open them and reveal what’s underneath.

There is one type of card that you have to watch out for. Don’t make a mistake and uncover the fire card because that will lose you the game. If you find yourself doing that, don’t worry. It just means that you need to play some more.

* Enhances your memory
* Easy, fun and addictive game

Grab this and prove to yourself that memory enhancement really can be fun. Better do it now though, so you don’t forget.
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3.0 o posterior

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