***** Awesome Phenomenal App - Must have for kids!
***** New updates make this app excellent! This is the best one - Highly recommended
***** Kid safe and parent friendly. No techy knowledge needed to setup and monitor.
**** I can choose an express set of restrictions for my teen or customize them as I prefer.
***** Great tool for parents
"This is a must-have safe browsing app for every child's device." - SmartAppsForKids.com
"I'm pleased with the speed at which it responds and the customization options" - TheiPhoneMom.com
"Although the app is free, I would gladly pay for it based on how well it does it." - HowToForiPad.com
Assorted iPad problems fixed

For the past 5 years, McGruff SafeGuard has helped tens of thousands of parents to keep their children and teens safe online. Now McGruff SafeGuard will keep your children safe when browsing on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Now with multi-user login & profiles for every family member. And it sends you daily summary usage reports showing your child's activity.

Note: You will want to disable Safari and make McGruff SafeGuard Browser your default browser. Follow the instructions at http://tinyurl.com/safeguard01

Safari-like Browser

• Screen Rotation
• Pinch and Zoom
• Full Screen
• Multiple Tabs like iPhone & iPad
• URL History
• Bookmarks
• Reading List
• Email Link
• Print

Block By Age or Category

• Child vs. Teen
• Over 100 Categories to Allow or Block
• Allow or Block Websites by Website Name
• Safe Search
• Learn mode to easily add websites kids need for school
• Optional Full Restriction mode (white-list only)
• Safe YouTube

Blocks Adult and Nasty Sites

• Pornography
• Adult/Mature Content
• Nudity
• Intimate Apparel/Swimsuit
• Violence/Hate/Racism

Blocks Malicious Sites

• Phishing
• Proxy
• Spyware/Malware Sources
• Suspicious

Stops Potentially Illegal Sites

• Illegal/Questionable
• Illegal Drugs
• Gambling
• Hacking
• Peer-to-Peer

Prevents Access to Parent-Child Discussion Topics

• Personals/Dating
• Abortion
• Sex Education
• Alternative Sexuality/Lifestyles

Multi-user Support

• Logins for each family member
• Different profiles for web filtering, history & cookies
• Optional passwords
• Set schedule for when browsing is allowed

Activity Reports via Email

• Shows summary and/or full history of all websites your child visited & blocked
• Receive reports to your email daily or weekly

Some features require in-app upgrade for SILVER or GOLD Control.
Free version provides child-safe and teen-safe browsing.

For descriptions of the categories, visit http://tinyurl.com/safeguard03

More information about McGruff SafeGuard for Windows PC is available at http://GoMcGruff.com

We love feedback, email us at: support@KidFriendlySoftware.com

McGruff the Crime Dog® and "Take A Bite Out Of Crime®" are registered trademarks of the National Crime Prevention Council
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iPhone, iPod y iPad
Desarrollado individualmente para cada dispositivo
Versión iOS
4.3 o posterior

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